Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Minor Breakthrough

These windows are the only way into our attic.  You have to use a ladder to get up on the porch roof to get to them.  We'd like to change that.

We had an architect come by to look at the space to make sure it's feasible to put the number of bedrooms we want up there.

There's plywood on the joists so you can walk around, but it's not everywhere.  He managed to find one of the open spots.

It was like something out of a slapstick routine.  I was just sitting in the living room working when there was a thud.  When I went to check it out, there was a leg sticking through the ceiling.

Thankfully, he wasn't hurt, and the way I see it, we got a jump start on the demolition for putting in the staircase. 

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