Saturday, June 16, 2012

Under Lock and Key

The hardware is finally installed on the basement doors.  It had to be done before the wood covering the stairs to the main house could be taken off -- otherwise the whole house would have been left unlocked.

It's, unfortunately, a classic case of locking the barn after the house was stolen.  A couple of weeks ago, someone got into the basement and stole the exposed shower set and faucets to the sink.  

We feel pretty stupid for letting that stuff sit down there when the space wasn't locked, but the contractor had thousands of dollars of construction supplies sitting in the backyard for over a year and nothing's been touched until now.
The worst part is, we think we know who did it. 


  1. I can sympathize--we had someone come and take our dog scooter out of the backyard during our remodel. We think it was someone from one of the subcontractor's crew. They knew it was back there and nothing else was taken.

  2. Awww... that sucks! The one time I was burglarized it was such an invasion - and I'm fairly certain I know who did it as well, but without proof the police just dusted for prints and filed their report.

    Upside: the new lock is GORGEOUS!