Monday, June 25, 2012

Behind Door Number One

Our contractor put a door on the room the staircase is in, so we can keep the dogs out of the basement.

Rob wants to open this wall up and lose the door, so the staircase feels more integrated with the rest of the house.  I like having the stairs behind closed doors because it feels like there's just another room in there, you have no idea there's a whole other floor the house.

This room used to be our bedroom and I can't believe we lived here a year and a half before getting a door for it.


  1. Are you guys scraping your woodwork? Good for you! We scraped ours last year and we've been extremely pleased with the beautiful stained wood.

    1. Yes! I started the wood-stripping a year ago and then got overwhelmed by just how big of a job it is. We found someone to finish it. Can't wait until it's all done!