Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Rose by Any Other Color

This is one of the phoenix roses.  It has red blooms.

Below is a picture of the house when we looked at it, before the previous owner dug up all the roses.

Phoenix is to the left of the porch stairs.  Kind of hard to see, but it bloomed white back then.  All of the roses bloomed white or yellow or lavender back then.

BUT, after the owner dug them out and they grew back and we transplanted them in front of the fence, they all started blooming red.

I'm wondering if this is because the roses had been grafted and the root stock was for red roses.

Anyone more experienced than me have an answer?


  1. Yeah. You are probably growing rootstock roses. If you like the look, it's not a problem.

    My personal preference is for old-fashioned climbers and David Austin roses and such, lol. But the $$$$.....Cecile Bruner is a really nice, figorous climber with dainty little pale yellow flowers that would look great with your house's colors.

  2. Cecile BRUNNER


    Can't spell today, lol