Monday, April 23, 2012

Last weekend we went on the Theodore Payne Native Garden Tour.  We saw white poppies and decided to plant some next year.

Yesterday when I came back from the Farmer's Market I discovered we actually had two already growing in the yard.  No idea how they got there, but we plan to harvest the pods so we  can plant more next year.


  1. I was driving to meet a friend for coffee and noticed a very familiar paint job. I was incredibly surprised to find that I've driven by your house hundreds of times and you're in a completely different part of the city than I assumed. The place looks even better in person - you guys have really done justice to a house that I've always admired (but haven't driven by in the past year or so). :)

  2. Thanks! Stop by the next time you are driving past! You're the second person to comment they've seen the house in person and I'd love to meet the people who have been following our progress virtually. Just out of curiosity, what part if the city did you think we would be in?

  3. I was assuming West Adams, but that could be because I have a friend who's reno-ing a house there and another blog I follow ( is in West Adams. I debated on stopping by but didn't want to come off creepy stalkerish. :) I'll definitely say hi the next time I'm in the area!