Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nancy Drew and the Case of the Mysterious Trim

We have a lot of wood trim in our house, all of which has been painted white. We've been wondering for a while what kind of wood was underneath because, if we decided to keep it, we wanted to carry it over into our basement.

Our friends Jim and Cybele, the ones we got our stove from, came over and brought a heat gun. The first layer blistered off quickly to reveal multiple layers of paint. (Yes, that is avocado green!)

Jim dug a little further to get to the bare wood. We think it's either pine or Douglas-fir.

Jim thinks our trim is of an intermediary style, a transition between the more ornate Victorian style and the humbler bungalow style. That piece of info tipped us over the edge; we're going to keep it. I bought a respirator today so I can start attacking the trim with the heat gun Jim loaned us.

Don't change that dial -- more bare wood coming soon!


  1. do you think that you'll repaint it after stripping or go for a stained look? keep us posted, stripping woodwork is always interesting for people to follow.

  2. We are definitely planning to stain.